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[Udacity] Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning

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What you’ll learn

Randomized optimization
Function Choice
Function Transformation
Data Concept
Unsupervised Studying Venture


This class will assume that you’ve got programming expertise as you’ll be anticipated to work with python libraries akin to numpy and scikit. grasp of chance and statistics can be required. Udacity’s Intro to Statistics, particularly Classes 8, 9 and 10, could also be a helpful refresher.

An introductory course like Udacity’s Introduction to Synthetic Intelligence additionally offers a useful background for this course.


Ever marvel how Netflix can predict what motion pictures you will like? Or how Amazon is aware of what you need to purchase earlier than you do? The reply may be present in Unsupervised Studying!

Intently associated to sample recognition, Unsupervised Studying is about analyzing knowledge and on the lookout for patterns. It’s a particularly highly effective device for figuring out construction in knowledge. This course focuses on how you need to use Unsupervised Studying approaches — together with randomized optimization, clustering, and have choice and transformation — to seek out construction in unlabeled knowledge.

Collection Data: Machine Studying is a graduate-level collection of three programs, masking the world of Synthetic Intelligence involved with pc applications that modify and enhance their efficiency by experiences.

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