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[Udacity] Object-Oriented JavaScript

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What you’ll learn


Objects in Depth

  • Create objects and add/take away properties to them
  • Write strategies to entry and mutate an object’s properties
  • Learn the way variables are properties on window

Features at Runtime

  • Leverage capabilities as first-class capabilities
  • Determine when a scope is created
  • Make the most of closures and IIFE’s to construct non-public state

Lessons and Objects

  • Write a constructor operate to instantiate objects
  • Determine and manually set the worth of this
  • Implement prototypal inheritance


  • Clarify and make the most of JavaScript’s primitive sorts
  • Write situations and loops
  • Acknowledge object syntax and construction
  • Declare capabilities
  • Navigate and use Chrome DevTools


This course is designed to show net builders how you can make the most of the varied object-oriented programming options inside JavaScript. Object-oriented programming permits builders to construct functions with reusable and maintainable blocks of code, which results in effectivity and simplified software program design.

With object-oriented JavaScript, you can construct lessons to assemble objects that encapsulate each knowledge and performance. You may additionally discover ways to leverage prototypal inheritance to keep up DRY code, permitting you to cross behaviors down to things. You may additionally discover ways to maintain knowledge protected and safe by creating non-public state with closures and immediately-invoked operate expressions.

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