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[Udemy] 100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-learn – 2022

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What you’ll learn

  • resolve over 100 workout routines in numpy, pandas and scikit-study
  • take care of actual programming issues in knowledge science
  • work with documentation and Stack Overflow
  • assured teacher assist


  • completion of all programs within the Python Developer studying path
  • completion of all programs within the Data Scientist studying path
  • primary data of NumPy
  • primary data of Pandas
  • primary data of scikit-study and machine studying ideas


Welcome to the 100+ Exercises – Python – Data Science – scikit-study course the place you possibly can take a look at your Python programming expertise in machine studying, particularly in scikit-study bundle.

Matters you’ll discover within the workout routines:

  • getting ready knowledge to machine studying fashions
  • working with lacking values, SimpleImputer class
  • classification, regression, clustering
  • discretization
  • function extraction
  • PolynomialFeatures class
  • LabelEncoder class
  • OneHotEncoder class
  • StandardScaler class
  • dummy encoding
  • splitting knowledge into prepare and take a look at set
  • LogisticRegression class
  • confusion matrix
  • classification report
  • LinearRegression class
  • MAE – Imply Absolute Error
  • MSE – Imply Squared Error
  • sigmoid() operate
  • entorpy
  • accuracy rating
  • DecisionTreeClassifier class
  • GridSearchCV class
  • RandomForestClassifier class
  • CountVectorizer class
  • TfidfVectorizer class
  • KMeans class
  • AgglomerativeClustering class
  • HierarchicalClustering class
  • DBSCAN class
  • dimensionality discount, PCA evaluation
  • Affiliation Guidelines
  • LocalOutlierFactor class
  • IsolationForest class
  • KNeighborsClassifier class
  • MultinomialNB class
  • GradientBoostingRegressor class

This course is designed for individuals who have primary data in Python, numpypandas and scikit-study. It consists of over 100 workout routines with options. It is a nice take a look at for people who find themselves studying machine studying and are on the lookout for new challenges. Exercises are additionally take a look at earlier than the interview. Many common subjects have been lined on this course.

Who this course is for:

  • everybody who needs to study by doing
  • everybody who needs to enhance Python programming expertise
  • everybody who needs to enhance knowledge science expertise
  • everybody who needs to enhance machine studying expertise

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