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[Udemy] 300+ Exercises – Python Programming Mega Pack – 2022

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What you’ll learn

  • take care of actual programming issues
  • work with documentation
  • assured teacher help


  • completion of all programs within the Python Developer studying path
  • fundamental and superior information of Python


Subjects you’ll find within the fundamental workout routines:

  • print() perform
  • calculations in Python
  • slicing
  • strings, and str strategies
  • information sorts
  • information constructions: set. tuple, listing, dict
  • program circulate management
  • if assertion
  • for loops
  • break assertion
  • proceed assertion
  • whereas loops
  • exception dealing with
  • enter/output
  • studying information
  • saving to information
  • constructed-in capabilities
  • defining your personal capabilities
  • nameless capabilities – lambda expression
  • mills
  • set comprehension
  • listing comprehension
  • dict comprehension
  • constructed-in modules

Subjects you’ll find within the superior workout routines:

  • Fibonacci sequence
  • prime and composite numbers
  • palindromic numbers
  • GCD
  • decimal system, binary system
  • compression
  • object oriented programming
  • Hamming distance
  • Scrabble sport
  • spiral matrices
  • enter / output operations
  • work with JSON and CSV information
  • ETL processing
  • object serialization – pickle
  • SQLite databases – sqlite3
  • Levenshtein distance
  • Caesar Cipher
  • Morse code
  • Monte Carlo methodology
  • bitwise AND, OR, XOR
  • practical programming
  • inheritance from constructed-in courses
  • calculation of transferring averages and minima
  • implementation of the Matrix class
  • implementation of the Stack class
  • implementation of the Queue class
  • the parentheses validator
  • HTML doc validator
  • and different

This course is designed for individuals who have fundamental and superior information in Python. It consists of 300 workout routines with options. This can be a nice check for people who find themselves studying the Python language and are in search of new challenges. Exercises are additionally a very good check earlier than the interview.

Should you’re questioning if it is value taking a step in the direction of Python, do not hesitate any longer and take the problem immediately.

Who this course is for:

  • everybody who desires to be taught by doing
  • everybody who desires to enhance their Python programming expertise

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