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[Udemy] AI in Healthcare (IT) & Bioinformatics: Learn to build CNNs

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What you’ll learn

  • Study to mannequin Synthetic Intelligence utilizing GANs: AlexNet, Inception to ResNet architectures for Pc Imaginative and prescient and Bioinformatics
  • Implementations of Switch Studying and GANs in AlexNet, Inception & ResNet for numerous actual life AI centric functions
  • How you can construct and implement main AI architectures in Keras and TensorFlow Quantum with emphasis on medical pc imaginative and prescient
  • TensorFlow Quantum for coaching and testing of Hybrid Quantum Neural Networks for Pc Imaginative and prescient in Healthcare(Python)


  • No programming expertise wanted. You’ll study all the pieces it’s good to know


The course goals to show college students to cutting-edge algorithms, strategies, and codes associated to AI and significantly the deep studying routines. This course encompasses multidimensional implementations on the themes listed beneath;

1. Deep Studying: A subset of Hybrid Synthetic Intelligence

2. Large Information is Fueling Utilized AI.

3. How you can mannequin an issue in AI utilizing datasets in Python (Keras & TensorFlow Libraries).

4. Information Augmentation in Hybrid Deep Studying Networks.

5. How you can use Switch Studying in Hybrid Deep Studying Networks.

6. How you can use switch studying in multiclass classification healthcare issues.

6. Backward Propagation and Optimization of hyper- parameters in AI.

7. Main Convolutional Neural Networks (ALEXNET & INCEPTION) and validation indices.

8. Recurrent Neural Networks extending to Lengthy Brief Time period Reminiscence.

9. An understanding of Inexperienced AI.

10. Implementations of Neural Networks in Keras and Pytorch and introduction to Quantum Machine Studying.

11. Algorithms associated to Quantum Machine Studying in TensorFlow Quantum and Qiskit.

12. AI primarily based options for Neurological Illnesses utilizing Deep Studying.

13. AI for Mind Pc Interfacing and Neuromodulation.

14, AI algorithms for prognosis, prognosis and therapy plans for Tumors.

15. How you can mannequin an AI drawback in Healthcare.

16. AI in Block Chain and Crypto mining

17 AI in Crypto buying and selling.

18. Forks in Block Chain by way of AI.

19. Funding Methods in Crypto- commerce utilizing AI (Fungible and Non- Fungible Digital Currencies).

24. Synthetic Intelligence in Robotics- A case instance with full code.

25. Synthetic Intelligence in Sensible Chatbots- A case instance with full code.

26. Influence of AI in enterprise analytics- A case instance with full code.

27. AI in media and inventive industries- A case instance with full code.

28. AI primarily based ads for max clicks- A case instance with full code.

29. AI for the detection of Misinformation Detection.

30. Extraction of Style Developments utilizing AI.

31. AI for emotion detections throughout Covid- 19.

Who this course is for:

  • Newbie college students interested in studying ideas of synthetic intelligence and deep studying in python
  • Tutorial and Analysis College students working within the realm machine studying, deep neural networks and synthetic intelligence

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