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[Udemy] Certification in Welding Technology for Engineers |CWI-2022|

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What you’ll learn

  • Perceive concerning the historical past of welding in particulars that you may from the place this know-how begin from..
  • Perceive distinction between becoming a member of and welding with the benefits and drawbacks of welding.
  • Get concept concerning the parts utilized in welding ( Consumable and Non Consumable) .
  • Perceive all kind of welding joints and sort of welds.
  • Welding as industrial operations and the security requirement for the welding processes.
  • Perceive intimately concerning the arc and the defend welding processes.
  • Deeply Perceive all kind of welding processes which might be utilized in industries.
  • Perceive concerning the stable state welding and its varieties and defects.


  • No earlier expertise or data is required. All you want is your time and devotion in addition to your curiosity to study.


This course is designed for the scholars of Mechanical and Processing Engineers who need to study all of the welding processes for his or her Examination level of for or for the College students who need to put together them for the Welding Interview as this course covers all of the welding processes intimately. This Course Consists of the next matters.

Introduction and Fundamentals of the Welding Course of and Welding Security

  • Fundamentals of welding
  • Distinction between becoming a member of and welding
  • Benefits and Disadvantages of Welding
  • Historical past of welding
  • Kinds of the welding course of
  • Parts used for welding course of (Filler materials, Flux, and Electrolyte)
  • Consumable and Non-consumable electrolyte
  • Welding positions
  • Welding Electrode Nomenclature
  • Kind of Weld Joints (Butt joint, Nook Joint, Lap joint, Tee Joint, Edge Joint)
  • Kinds of Weld (Filler Weld, Groove Weld, Plug weld or slot weld, Spot and Seam weld, Flange and Floor Weld)
  • Options of Fusion Welded Joints
  • Physics of welding (Energy Density and Numerical of Energy Density)
  • Warmth Steadiness in Fusion Welding
  • Welding as Business Operation
  • Automation in Welding (Machine, Automated and Robotic)
  • Welding Security

Arc Welding and Shielding and Kinds of Arc Welding

Welding Classes (Fusion Welding, Strong State Welding, Soldering and Brazing)

Arc Welding

Arc Shielding

The facility supply in Arc welding

Kinds of Arc Welding (Shielding steel arc welding, Fuel Metallic Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding)

Fuel Tungsten welding

Plasma arc welding

Perceive all Kinds of Welding in Element

  • Oxyfuel arc welding
  • Oxyacetylene welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Spot Welding
  • Resistance seam welding
  • Resistance projection welding
  • Vitality beam welding (Electron beam welding, Laser beam welding)
  • Numerical Issues associated to the welding processes

Numerical Issues Associated to the Welding Processes

  • Numerical Issues Associated to the welding processes

Strong-State Welding with Sorts and Defects, Brazing and Soldering

  • Strong-state welding
  • Kinds of solid-state welding
  • (Diffusion welding, Friction welding, and Ultrasonic welding)
  • Welding Defects of Strong State Welding
  • Brazing and Soldering

Profitable graduates of the Welding Know-how certificates could be employed as entry-level technicians within the welding and metalworking industries. Profession alternatives additionally exist in development, manufacturing, fabrication, gross sales, high quality management, and welding-related self-employment.

Who this course is for:

  • Undergraduate college students of mechanical and processing engineerings.
  • Those that are within the discipline of producing know-how may even get benefited from this course as it would enhance their data.
  • This course will certainly assist those that are working within the welding discipline and have confusions concerning the processes and supplies they will clear their each idea relating to welding with this course.

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