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[Udemy] How to manage your process using statistical Excel Tools

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What you’ll learn

  • High quality management and manufacturing administration using Excel & Statistical Evaluation and Processes.
  • Process Maps/ Statistical Process Charts
  • Primary statistical evaluation
  • Speculation testing


  • Excel
  • High quality Management


This course will present arms on experience to perceive and undertake the next duties using Excel. Each Powerpoint slides and excel information evaluation are offered on this course. First we are going to perceive the process maps, the aim of research in process maps, and why yield calculations are essential to perceive the place rework and scrap is being created. We are going to then overview the essential statistical ideas and use Excel with samples to create histogram boxplot, calculate common and customary deviation. We are going to perceive the sorts of information. We are going to undertake the essential speculation checks equivalent to T-Check using and Excel add-on for Information Evaluation Device Pak. We can even perceive what are the sorts of process charts and the way to create the charts in Excel using formulation or using templates. This course will make you a talented high quality personnel and likewise aid you to manage any process in a greater manner.

•SPC Tools

•Process maps : •Flowchart

•Hidden manufacturing facility

•Yield calculation – IPY and RTY

•High quality management primary ideas

•Objective of information assortment: •Evaluate a bunch with a goal or •Evaluate a bunch with one another?

•Varieties of information: •Steady information •Attribute information •Binary •Rely

•Information evaluation: •Heart of distribution •Unfold of distribution

•Varieties of distribution: •Regular distribution •Non-normal distribution

•Descriptive Information Evaluation: •Normality •Imply, Median, Mode



•Statistical speculation checks


•1-sample T-Check

•2-sample T-Check

•Statistical charts: •I-MR Chart •X-Bar Chart

Who this course is for:

  • Engineers and manufacturing supervisors in Manufacturing
  • High quality assurance personnel

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