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[Udemy] Plastic Waste Pollution: causes, impacts & solutions

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What you’ll learn

  • Find out how a lot plastic is produced and the way it’s managed
  • Perceive the influence of plastic air pollution on marine life, wildlife, vegetation and human well being
  • Study ideas and solutions to scale back plastic utilization in our each day lives
  • Bbecome extra aware of plastic air pollution and act accordingly


  • No necessities are wanted.


We dwell in an period with many challenges: local weather change, water shortage, air air pollution, animals extinction, and so forth… Plastic air pollution is certainly one of these critical challenges we’d like to pay attention to and discover solutions to.

Plastic is in every single place. Virtually each facet of our life is linked to some type of plastic.

We use plastic in packaging for our meals and drinks, we additionally use it for hygiene and cleansing.

Nevertheless, plastic waste has acquired out of our palms, and right this moment now we have to take care of plastic air pollution and save our ecosystems and atmosphere.

On this course, we handle plastic air pollution from many angles to provide the viewers a broad perspective concerning the matter.

The course consists of 12 sections:


1. What’s Plastic and the way is it produced ?

2. What are Plastic sorts and their purposes?

3. How a lot plastic will we produce?

4. Which industries & corporations rely most on plastic?

5. What’s the destiny of plastic waste?

6. How lengthy does it take plastics to decompose?

7. How does plastic influence on marine life and oceans?

8. How does plastic influence wildlife?

9. How does plastic influence vegetation and lands?

10. How does plastic influence people?

11. Are there any solutions on the federal government stage?

12. How can we sort out plastic air pollution as people?


This course is wealthy and concise; It gives important and concentrated details about plastic air pollution theme. I hope you get pleasure from it.

Who this course is for:

  • Plastic Air pollution is one thing that have an effect on all of us. This course will assist eveyone turn out to be extra aware of this matter.

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