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[Udemy] Spiritual Psychotherapy – Counseling for Mental Health

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What you’ll learn

  • Psychology of Yoga: Nothing to do with postures
  • Psychology of on a regular basis conduct, devotion, and psychological well being
  • Vedanta Meditations for Selling psychological wellbeing
  • Understanding Struggling and Emotional Freedom


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1. Karma Counseling – the yoga/psychology of motion and selfless service

Purchasers having issues of melancholy, anxiousness, and so forth close to the Work and Profession space can profit tremendously from this talent.

This resonates most with those that are group-based mostly and of an outgoing nature. Karma yoga purifies the center and burns away egocentric tendencies by encouraging a detachment from the fruits of actions. On this means, there is no such thing as a expectation of private achieve or recognition. All actions are executed with a give attention to Oneness, due to this fact establishing a reference to the True Self. Mom Theresa is an instance of a nicely-recognized karma yogi.

2. Bhakti Counseling – the yoga/psychology of devotion and love

Purchasers having issues of melancholy, anxiousness, and so forth close to managing feelings, self-picture and relationships space can profit tremendously from this talent.

In response to this path, a scarcity of religion within the Divine or Sacred Essence has prompted us to lose connection to our Divine Self. The answer, due to this fact, is love, give up, and devotion to the Divine qualities in every little thing. Bhakti Yoga asks us to purify and remodel our egotistic self-love by focusing the thoughts on sacred ideas and transferring all our love and feelings into the Divine essence that permeates all. Examples of Bhakti Yoga are chanting and devotional rituals. This path resonates most with these of an emotional nature.

3. Rāja Counseling – the observe of meditation

Purchasers having issues that come up on account of agitation of thoughts, hectic life-style and extra complicated issues reminiscent of PTSD, Suicidal Considering, ADHD, and so forth can profit tremendously from this talent.

The restlessness of the thoughts has prompted our consideration to develop into carried away in tales and disconnected from our True Essence, based on this path. The answer, then, is to calm the thoughts by way of meditation as a way to reveal the Oneness that we’re in our truest essence. That is executed through the Ashtanga (8 limbs) system, as outlined by Patañjali within the Raja Yoga Sutras. Most yoga lessons in at present’s society are steeped within the Raja Yoga path. This path is most suited for these with a nature that resonates with methodology-based mostly observe.

4. Spirituality for Emotional Freedom

On this part, you’ll be taught the core religious teachings that can make it easier to overcome your issues in life. This course is split into 4 lectures

1: Root of all sufferings

2: The final word resolution to eradicate all struggling

3: Troubleshooting issues on the trail

4: Desirelessness

In every lecture, we’ll take a look at the scientific causes for our issues and scientific options to beat our sufferings. “Struggling” is an umbrella time period for all pains we expertise due to our thoughts, physique and world. The struggling consists of widespread issues reminiscent of anger, jealousy, low self-esteem to main issues reminiscent of melancholy, suicidal tendencies, anxiousness and different kinds.

There are a lot of practices and ideas that you’ll be taught on this course, which covers a big quantity of teachings from Vedanta, Swami Vivekananda and Bhagavad Gita. All of the yoga paths are based mostly on Hinduism, nevertheless, these ideas are extra about love, mindset and humanity relatively than faith. Due to this fact, they are often practised by anybody no matter their age, gender, expertise, and non secular alternative.

Counsellors and Mental Health professionals can use these philosophies and practices for their shoppers together with the common counselling of CBT or every other remedy.

Who this course is for:

  • Counselor & Therapists who wish to combine Spirituality into their observe
  • Individuals desirous to be taught true yoga which is past postures and breath work

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