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[Udemy] Vedic Maths – Auxiliary (Helper) Fractions

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What you’ll learn

  • The right way to convert vulgar fractions into recurring or infinite decimals!
  • One Line expansions of vulgar fractions like 1/19, 23/799, 67/101, and numerous others!


  • Vedic Maths Basis (Stage 1)
  • Vedic Maths Intermediate (Stage 2)
  • Observe together with pen and paper!


The programs Vedic Maths – A Robust Basis and Vedic Maths – Intermediate Stage Strategies are a pre-requisite to this excellent course.

If in case you have been studying Vedic/Quick Maths by watching “magic math tips” and “shortcuts” you have been DOING IT WRONG!!

In these lectures, you’ll discover ways to convert horrible trying fractions like 1/19, 2/399, 4/51, 6/601 and much more (!!) into their decimal equivalents utilizing A SINGLE LINE of MENTAL CALCULATION in LESS THAN A MINUTE! The methods of auxiliary fractions DO NOT EXIST in standard arithmetic and but, when you be taught them you’ll by no means worry vulgar fractions and fractions that appear “tough” to transform to decimals. The second part of this course will open up your commentary into patterns which might be hidden in plain sight in decimal expansions – each terminating and recurring and it is possible for you to to take advantage of these patterns to your benefit.

The course doesn’t take a look at Vedic Maths as a set of “magic tips” and “shortcuts” (and I discourage anybody to check Vedic maths as “tips”), however as a substitute this course teaches sensible degree psychological arithmetic whereas clearly explaining the logic of every methodology. So as soon as the scholars perceive the logic the strategies turn out to be second-nature and there’s no memorisation required.

If this course sparks in you a thirst for extra (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Conics and Calculus), I’ll contemplate my goal served and I look ahead to seeing you in future programs.

Who this course is for:

  • College students showing for CAT, GMAT, LSAT, SAT and different exams
  • College students who’ve learnt Vedic Division and need to discover this particular class approach

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